• Learn the Spanish language while enjoying a vacation in Cozumel.
  • Practice how to communicate in every situation.
  • Learn how to speak Spanish with native Spanish speakers.

Chat in Spanish with Cozumelian people and other students

Improve your Spanish writing, reading, understanding and speaking skills by interacting
through our "extended classroom" with latino friendly people in their own atmosphere.



Take one to three hours a day in a one-to-one class.
Flexible schedules mornings and evenings.


Enjoy our extended classroom with "walk and talk". Professor Othon Gonzalez will teach you, to interact in Mexican restaurants, bars, museums etc....
Go shopping at the Cozumel central market.


Come to The Cozumel Language and Art School
with your family,friends or partners and get  15 % off!

Valid as long as both or all of you attend the same Spanish lesson.

Get the island feeling of Cozumel and dive into Mexican culture and the Spanish language by taking

Spanish Classes at... THE COZUMEL LANGUAGE and ART SCHOOL!


10th Ave.
between 9th and 11th street
77600 Cozumel / Quintana Roo

tel: 01/52 987 1200579    044 987 878 9684    044 987 114 1985